PVC Film & Fire Retardant

Sumax PVC film is suitable for a paint booth curtain to block the scattering of dust and spray paint.

Sumax PVC Film is an excellent flame retardant flexible PVC film.

Its effectiveness has been recognized by
Japanese Fire Defense Agent.

Flame retardancy i.e. self – extinguishing property

Flame retardancy of PVC can be defined not only as having low ignition potential but also as having self-extinguishing property, which means that even if the PVC is ignited the fire will not flare up and self-ignite in time, minimizing spread of the fire.

Combustion comparison test between Sumax PVC film and conventional PVC film has shown that In 15 to 20 seconds (after flame started to contact), Sumax PVC Film shows no sign of ignition, while conventional PVC is burning

In minutes, only a small flame is observed on Sumax PVC Film, while fire spreads all over on conventional PVC with large flames burning

After flame source is removed, fire on Sumax PVC Film subsided and finally self-extinguished

Note, however, being self-extinguishing means that, with fire source removed, the fire dies out, but with fire source existing, the fire will not die out