Polyester Tack Cloth

As converters of Ace-tex Enterprises, USA of paint area products such as tack-cloth and lint-free wiping specialties. Several Automotive OEM’s use our 100% lint free tack cloth in their paint shop.
Our tack cloth is the finest available for the automotive paint lines. We have several grades that fit any paint environment. The tack cloth comes in ultra light, light, medium, heavy and extra heavy.
The substrate that the tackifier is applied in is the newest in technology, and has not only the lowest lint, but capture the most dirt and holds it. This gets the dirt off the product that is being wiped and keeps it off.


  • Manufacture Under SPC Control
  • 100% polyster substrate
  • Solvent Free Tackifier
  • All Naturak Resin/ No Disposable issues.


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