Micro fibre wiping pad

What is MicroFibre?
A breakthrough in fabric construction, the Microfibre itself is 100 x thinner than a human hair. Millions of these fine fibres are woven into a cleaning cloth. What is more unique about the Microfibre is its structure.

This structure acts in a capillary manner and removes dirt so small it is undetectable to the human eye. Dirt and soiling are removed from surfaces into the cloth traditional round fibers smear the dirt. Microfibre removes it.

Sumax Micro fibre is used by several Automotive OEM’s to remove fine dust and residues left on surfaces.


Product Description

All car plants and Bumper plants do sanding using Dry sanding Discs or sheets. This results in a lot fine dust parties being left on the surface of the body. We have to remove these fine dust painting.
Our Micro fibre wiping pad with IPA is the best product for removing these fine dust particles from the surface in any paint shop. Size is 18*27cms.

Features and Advantages

  • Reusable: Wiping pad can be washed in a washing machine and used several times.
  • Retaining Property: Wiping pad will retain the IPA for a longer duration and the consumption of IPA used will be lower. This results in the operator using the pad for a longer period of time without having the dip the pad in IPA frequently.
  • Consumption: The IPA consumed in our Wiping Pad is lower when compare to that of IPA with Polyester cloth for the same area coverage.
  • Operator friendly: Wiping pad size and design gives it a good hand grip and makes it user friendly.
  • Disposing: The cost of disposing any one time use and throw products is higher, when compared to our wiping pad which can be used several time/days.


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